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Why a Single Recent Auto Recall Should Matter to All Motorists

Posted on March 23, 2023 in Car Accidents

katy car accident lawyerIt does not happen often that a news story about an auto-related recall should make all motorists sit up and pay attention. Yet, a recently announced recall concerning Ford models manufactured between 2013 and 2018 is worthy of every driver’s attention. The recall illustrates a critically important reality that should be widely understood in the event that any motorist is ever injured in a car accident.

Invisible Hazards Can Lead to Devastating Harm

The Ford Motor Company recently announced a safety recall that affects approximately 1.2 million vehicles in the U.S. At issue are malfunctioning brake fluid hoses. When the hoses rupture as a result of ordinary wear and tear, a progressive brake fluid leak can occur. After brake fluid begins to leak, it can take drivers longer than usual to bring their vehicles to a stop. The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration has confirmed that affected vehicles are, therefore, at heightened risk of being involved in a crash.

At first glance, the potentially leaky brake hoses of roughly 1.2 million vehicles do not seem like cause for alarm. Yet, the faulty braking system of a particular vehicle can prove to be truly alarming in the event that the vehicle’s driver needs to stop and cannot.

Yet, beyond the immediate hazard itself, the recall illustrates a critically important lesson that should be understood by all drivers: Invisible hazards can lead to devastating harm. In the event of a crash, drivers, law enforcement officers, and insurance companies tend to jump to conclusions about what happened and who can be held liable for injuries and property damage. However, thorough investigations are necessary to determine whether any “invisible” influences – like a leaky brake hose – played a role in a particular crash. Accurately assessing causation and fault can make all the difference to the outcome of car accident insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits.

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