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Traumatic Brain Injury and Paying for Ongoing Medical Care

Posted on August 16, 2023 in Catastrophic Injuries

TX injury lawyerExperiencing a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be life-altering, impacting the individual and their loved ones. In personal injury law, monetary or economic relief can play a significant role in helping those affected by TBIs cope with the challenges they and their families now face. However, the extent of economic relief, including the possibility of receiving increased economic relief to account for needing lifelong medical care, depends on various factors that require careful consideration. If your loved one was in an accident and experienced a TBI, contact an aggressive personal injury lawyer to pursue the compensation your loved one may be entitled to. 

Understanding the Severity of TBIs 

Severe TBIs occur when a sudden blow or violent jolt to the head causes serious damage to brain function. These injuries can result in long-lasting cognitive, physical, and emotional impairments, severely impacting an individual's quality of life and ability to perform daily tasks. 

Economic Relief

In personal injury cases involving severe TBIs, economic relief may help alleviate the immense financial burden resulting from medical expenses, lost wages from being unable to work, rehabilitation costs, and ongoing care. It is also important to note that the emotional effects of such an injury can be quite severe, thus necessitating the need for economic compensation for emotional injuries like the pain and suffering endured by the injured party and their loved ones.

How May Economic Relief Be Calculated?

Calculating the extent of economic relief can be complex, especially in cases involving serious injuries like TBIs. Factors taken into consideration when determining economic relief will likely include medical expenses, current and future lost wages, rehab costs, loss of enjoyment of life, and more. An experienced lawyer will assist in ensuring that all proper considerations will be properly taken into account. 

Paying for Ongoing Care

In some cases, severe TBIs may result in permanent disabilities, requiring lifelong care and assistance. In such instances, the injured individual may be entitled to receive compensation to account for ongoing medical treatments, rehab programs, and more. However, it is important to note that the level of lifelong compensation ultimately depends on not only the severity of the injury but also the impact on the individual's daily functioning and the strength of the legal case presented.

Contact a Fort Bend County Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Personal injury law recognizes the significant impact of these injuries and provides avenues for seeking economic relief to help relieve individuals of the incredible financial burden that can occur in the wake of such accidents. For legal representation you can depend on, contact the skilled Katy, TX traumatic brain injury lawyer with The Hatton Law Firm PLLC. Call 713-840-6344 for a free consultation.

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