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How A Texas Criminal Record Can Impact Your Life

 Posted on January 29, 2024 in Criminal Defense

Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyerUnderstanding the impacts that a criminal record has on your life may be able to help you face whatever criminal charges come your way in the future. Even if you are acquitted of a crime and all charges are dropped, the arrest can remain on your permanent record. To ensure minimal impact on your current and future life, you must do everything possible to minimize the exposure. When charged, a skilled criminal defense attorney can help to get the charges reduced or dropped while fighting to preserve your legal rights.

Employment Disqualification

Even without a conviction, having a charge appear on your permanent record can disqualify you from certain places of employment. Even when finally landing a job, having a stain on your permanent record can hamper your earning potential. If you are already gainfully employed, a charge or conviction can easily make your job disappear. When charged or convicted while employed under a professional licensing board, such as in nursing, they can have your license revoked.

Goodbye Driver’s License

Speaking of licenses, all it takes is a criminal charge to see your driver’s license suspended or revoked. This is especially true of DWI charges. In addition to losing your license, the court may require you to undergo substance abuse treatment or an alcohol and drug education program before you can get your license back.

The Kids Are Not Alright

Criminal records can be used against you in divorce proceedings involving children. A Texas court can impose restrictions and limitations on your time with your children. This is particularly true when charged with any sort of family violence or domestic abuse. Even a misdemeanor charge could see any dreams of adopting a child go up in smoke.

Your Right To Bear Arms

A conviction of either a misdemeanor or felony could see you lose your right to bear arms. The Texas Department of Public Safety will no longer issue you a license to carry a firearm in these cases, as a convicted felon can not lawfully possess a firearm in Texas. This means gun owners can have their guns taken away.

Education Restriction

Chances for higher learning can be limited if convicted of no more than a misdemeanor. Of course, the school’s policies are what the restrictions are dependent upon in these cases. However, getting a loan can also be hindered by a criminal record. With a sexual or drug-related offense on record, financial aid will be nearly impossible to gain.

Contact a Fort Bend County, TX Criminal Defense Attorney

Some charges may be expunged or sealed from your record, which could alleviate some of the complications that stem from having a criminal record in the first place. Uncovering what can and cannot be expunged or sealed is done better by employing a skilled Katy, TX criminal defense lawyer like those at The Hatton Law Firm PLLC. For a free consultation to see what can be done about your criminal record, contact the firm at 713-840-6344.

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